Grout Sealing Phoenix

grout sealing Phoenix

Seal Your Grout!

Top scour Depending on the daily traffic on your floor, top scouring will be needed. Ideally this needs to be performed at least every 3 months by professionals. With mainly the daily traffic on your floors, a layer, sometimes a couple of layers, of dirt are left on the top of the floor leaving it pale and dirty. In this process our professionals use a special light cleaner and specific pads to remove these layers of dirt from the finish of your floor. Also where needed we mop clean water on the tiles to block their pores before a new premium finish is applied, this will constantly give your floor a new look with each process. Our tile cleaning experts apply at least 4 coats of finish to your floor so that in future at least two of them will not have to be stripped any more, which saves you even more money. When the old floor finish is worn down from too much dirt stuck in the floor finish or from the lack of top scrub, stripping with adding wax will be a very important process to do. Sometimes this happens due to improper maintenance or lack of maintenance, or due to heavy daily traffic. In this operation, our employees will use a stripper solution to emulsify the old worn out finish from the tile, then they neutralize the floor with cold water to block the pores, and finally they spread at least 4 coats of high quality finish.

Professional grout cleaning & sealing services

You have stains in your grout lines and/or dirt stuck in the tiles of your floor, so you definitely need the help of a professional grout cleaning & sealing service provider. Everybody who has tile and grout in their house, office or any other facility knows very well how ugly they can look when they are dirty. On the other hand it is very hard doing it yourself and spend hours changing dirty water and do lots of hard scrubbing and mopping and get in trouble causing damage to your tile floor after all the efforts exerted by choosing the wrong and improper products & tools that do not fit the type of your tile. Being cavernous, the grout lines normally collect and keep much more dirt which by time change the grout's color to black. It is not a simple operation to do if you don't have the knowledge and the proper tools to restore the color of your grout. Our professional team will do it for you the right way saving your time, efforts and money. Tags: seal grout Phoenix, Phoenix grout sealing company, grout sealers, best grout sealing Phoenix